Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Mother Can Soothe More Than a Fussy Baby

A mother has a natural instinct when it comes to soothing a fussy baby.  It is just something that comes out in her, a mother's love and calming words make almost any situation better.

But what if it is not a baby or child that needs soothing? What if it is an animal?

Meet Ruby:
She is our little dog that wandered up into our yard about 8 years ago, no one ever came forward to claim her so she became part of our family.  She has a bad heart and has to take medicine everyday, we almost lost her last year because she had to have emergency surgery and her heart is bad, the vet was worried she wouldn't survive the surgery.  But she pulled through, although the vet said she should never be put under anesthesia again.

Last night we had a storm move through, Ruby was so scared, shaking, and panting, and whining.  She is actually my husband's dog but no matter what he did he couldn't get her calmed down.  I was at the sewing machine working on new items for my shop. She came running to me, I put her up in my lap, started humming, and just kept sewing.  In just a few minutes she had leaned up against me and was completely calm.  My husband was amazed, he asked me,"What did you do"?  I told him and he just shook his head.

I believe the fact she could sense that I was calm, (sewing does that for me) helped her to calm down, just like it would a child.

This is her constant buddy Little Man, we adopted him from Animal Control in Alaska when I working there.  The storm didn't bother him at all.
With Mother's Day this Sunday I wanted to let everyone know that if your pets are your children you certainly understand that instinct of calming them down and soothing them when they are upset.  Animals are such a wonderful part of our lives and they deserve the very best!  So Ruby don't worry if another storm comes through we will just head off to the work area, sew, and I will hum for you, that is the least I can do for you sweet one. 

Marsha Bourquin/Head Hag- Bags By Hags


  1. What a great article!

    Our Corgi, Buster, is terrible when it comes to storms. If it even act like it's going to storm he's in my lap with his head on my shoulder until the storm is over.

    He's such a doll baby and I'm able to fully relate.

    Nice one - Lucinda

  2. Lovely post Marsha!


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