Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Women Of History

March is National Women's History Month
There have been so many women who have made such an impact on our lives that I decided to ask the members of Handmade Circle Team  for their opinion on who they they thought were great women in history.

Helen Keller 

Eleanor Roosevelt

Maya Angelou

Clara Barton

Alice Paul

Juana De la Cruz

Mother Teresa 
Rosa Parks

Ina May Gaskin 

Michelle Obama

I think they made some excellent choices and I have to agree all of the above are indeed great women in history. The great women who participated in this blog post have all had a great impact on my life. Just a few of the things that make them great, they have encouraged me, laughed with me, taught me, and befriended me, and so much more!  In fact I feel this way about EVERY member of the Handmade Circle Team! 
 I believe they deserve to be in this group of great women as well so here they are: 

Angelene of Paper Pastiche
Coral of ToppyToppy

Ashley of Brenny's Bibbies

Jayne of Twiggy & Opal
Fiona of The Happy Mushroom

Kathy of Flowertown Originals

Michelle of Baby Girl's Creations 

Red of Weavers Homestead

Sarah of Star Jewels

Terri of Terri Jean's Adornments

Sue of Gaga Gems

Together we women can make history! 


  1. What a great tribute.. There are so many amazing women that have left a mark on society... and I must tell you Marsha, that you are one to admire and look up to! It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know you! Not only on a professional level but especially personally!

  2. Very nicely done Marsha. And you too very much belong up there!

  3. Thank you Marsha, for your dedication to this team and the encouragement you offer to us all.

  4. Thank You, for all the work Put into this wonderful Tribute, to women all over the world. We have gained strength, and sacrifice. Thank You for all the women at HMC who show us the way to proceed to the future. I love this team.

  5. Thank you for the work into this tribute, and also for being there for each and every one of us! You give us the support and kind words we need to fulfill our dreams.

  6. Amazing tribute, Marsha!
    You deserve to be listed among all those women as well. Thank you!

  7. Thank You so much everyone for stopping by, I am glad you liked the blog post, and I really appreciate all your kind words! It is so great to be a team with such amazing women!

  8. What a wonderful tribute Marsha!!! thank you so much for all your work and all the help!!

  9. Another wonderful post Marsha! And i am definitely in agreement with all the appreciative remarks about you. You are definitely 1 in a million!!!

  10. Hi, I'm popping by from Stone Cottage Adventures where I saw you on the blog hop. This is a great round up of great women in history. Some women had to suffer a lot for the things we take for granted. Yay girl power! I enjoyed my visit. Nice to "meet" you.

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

  11. Thank You very much for stopping by Michelle!


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