Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Heart Does Heal........

If you are an animal lover then you know the joy of owning and loving your pet.  I have known that love, I had a constant companion for 18 wonderful years, from the minute we brought her home she was my buddy.  Cookie or "Monster" as we so lovingly called her took every step I took, wanted to be with me wherever I was and was most happy laying at my feet.  She went to Alaska with us, loved to roll in the snow, and made the trip back with us when we returned home to Texas.  Her favorite thing was of all things bananas! Oh and she loved ice especially if it was ice from a glass of Whiskey and Coke!  She also loved to get into boxes as you can see in the photo!

Last year she made the trip over the Rainbow Bridge, I was devastated! Heartbroken does not even cover how I felt.  For days after I would find myself looking down near my feet and look for her.  I swore I would never have another, I just couldn't imagine going through the heartbreak of losing an animal again that I loved with all my heart.

Then in September my daughter and her husband had to move in with us for a bit as he was transitioning out of the Army.  They had a cat, she was very aloof and really didn't want any one to mess with her at all, so I just let her be. Slowly she started to come around me more and would let me pet on her.  When they got ready to move my daughter was 9 months pregnant, with a 3 year old and a 1 year old.  Their house is pretty small so I said just leave the cat with me, she is fine and doesn't bother anything or anyone here.  I didn't really want a cat, but guess what? I got one!

This cat who I have named Miss Kitty is now my constant companion, she follows me everywhere, and cries  for me if I go to the garage or to the room where I ship all my orders from.  She loves to be with me when I am working in my shop area and loves to play and bat at the thread and my yardstick. She will actually sit behind the sewing machine watching me as I sew.
 She also loves to sit on the desk when I am on the computer and will walk in front of the screen as if to say hey you are not paying me enough attention!   

I had no intention of opening my heart so wide open again to another animal.  Shhh don't tell anyone but I love this cat.  Cookie Monster Dog will always hold a very special place in my heart, and no animal will ever replace her, but it appears I now have another constant companion.  My heart has healed and I now know the joy of loving an animal again.
Love them with all your heart, cause they sure love you even on your worse day!

Marsha Bourquin/Head Hag- Bags By Hags


  1. So true, and miss kitty is so adorable! My kitty does the exact same thing with the monitor and I have to try to look around her or over her, she has even tried to walk on the keyboard to get to me and deleted an entire folder before. I never thought I'd be a cat person... but I love my cat too.

    1. Miss Kitty does the same thing, she hit print on the printer the other day! Now if I could just teach her to do my listing for me I could just keep sewing!

  2. What a tender story, and such adorable Fur Babies!

  3. Oh Marsha- you made me get all teary! I have 2 dogs and they are my kids. Even if you have no plans of getting attached, they work their way into your heart and we just stand no chance ;) I read a quote once that said "Oh, you don't like dogs? Good luck in your life with no soul." I laughed so hard, because I firmly believe that anyone who doesn't love animals has to have something wrong with them! Thank you for sharing your story and your babies with us!

  4. Love your story about your furry friends! I'm a cat person myself:) Their unconditional love is truly a beautiful thing!

  5. What a touching story! Your Miss Kitty is a cutie!

  6. Ahh this brings back such fond memories of our dog Bud, he was a Boxer... had him for 12 years which is a feat all it's own. I so feel your pain and never wanted another, ever... but just recently received a new puppy and he is a Keeper... ♥♥♥ Amazing how far beyond the boundaries our hearts can stretch... happy for you!


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