Saturday, May 12, 2012

Awesome Days......

I must say today has been a pretty awesome day!
First my husband and I drove down to see our grandchildren - had to get my sugar fix!  I also wanted to take my daughter her Mother's Day Present. It came from this wonderful shop  This is what I gave her:
I won the necklace during one of Handmade Circle's BNR Raffles.  I had Amy who is the wonderful owner of this shop put all three of the grandchildren's name on it, then I gave it to her from the girls for Mother's Day.  She Loved it! She actually teared up a bit when Nattie Jo gave it to her.  You can find this wonderful item here.

We all then loaded up (in two separate trucks as not enough room in one for all the car seats!) and went to Wal-Mart had to get a few things.  This was our riding and shopping partner today! Miss Nattie Jo! 
We go about our shopping and of course I head back to the fabric area needed to pick up a few items, and SCORE! They had racks of fabric on clearance, here are my finds at $1.00 per yard! 
Can't wait to see what new items I can come up with for my shop!

We then headed home and had to do a little bit of the dreaded housework, but my floors just had to have attention! I couldn't stand it any longer.  Poor Ringo and Doc, they were banished to the back yard while the  sweeping and the mopping took place.
Hubby was nice enough to help me with the house chores because he had plans!
Notice anything in the back of his truck? My husband loves to fish! So off he goes!   

I then noticed these gorgeous flowers blooming at the side of my house! I just love them! 
Well since the husband is off fishing and the chores are all done, think I will head back to my little workshop area and create since I do have awesome new fabric to play with!  It was an AWESOME Day and I am truly blessed, all the little things in life mean so much!  How was your Saturday? I hope you were blessed with as much of an awesome day as I was! 

Marsha Bourquin/Head Hag- Bags By Hags

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  1. Sounds like an absolutely PERFECT day! And I love that colorful butterfly material! They have removed the fabric section from our Wal-Mart (boo hiss!!) and greatly reduced the yarn.


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