Friday, May 18, 2012

Dog, Cat, or Family Member?

If you follow my blog you have seen the pictures of my animals, I love my animals, they are part of my family.  My animals are very spoiled, well loved, and well taken care of.

Sadly that is not true of all animals and I saw this first hand when I worked for Animal Control in Alaska. Some days I would just come home and cry, there just aren't enough homes for all the unwanted animals and you have to realize that you cannot save them all no matter how much you want to.

We happened to find baby kittens living in our shed and managed to capture them, poor little things they were so hungry and thirsty.  The mama cat belonged to one of our neighbors so my husband took the kittens to them and thankfully they said they would take them.  I really wish they would spay mom.......

This is what a tough life my animals lead:
Ringo - You know I love him he is allowed to sleep on my John Wayne Blanket!
Doc - Yes again I allow him to sleep up in the chair. 
Little Man - Sits here everyday and watches out the window for my husband to come home, he is Troy's dog!

Ruby - Little Ruby laying on the Dog Bed at my feet.

Miss Kitty - She is waiting on me, she sits in the chair behind me when I'm on the computer (when she is not sitting up on the desk) she is ready to go to the workshop with me!

I wonder if they even know how lucky they really are? 

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I hope you have Dog-gone great day and a Purrfect weekend!

Marsha Bourquin/Head Hag- Bags By Hags

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