Thursday, June 13, 2013

He Was............

He was 6'5, he was gruff, he told you exactly what he thought and didn't bat an eye, he liked his beer, Louis L'amour books, and John Wayne movies.  He drove a truck and had some keen sense of direction as he hardly ever needed to look at a map. 

He loved being with his brothers and sisters, playing cards and dominoes. He loved country music, and I mean the real country music, he loved watching sports (used to drive my mother crazy).  

I remember riding on his shoulders, dancing on his feet, and him singing silly songs to me. 

He was far from perfect, but he was....My Dad. 

Isam Junior Collins - June 5, 1929 - January 29, 1989
Happy Father's Day Daddy. 

Marsha Bourquin/Head Hag- Bags By Hags