Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting Stopped in My Tracks.......

As most of you know in addition to running my business Bags By Hags I also take care of my mom who has dementia.  Some days are smooth as silk, some days are as a bumpy as a country dirt road.  But I have faith this is what I am supposed to be doing and the Good Lord will help through!

This morning in between picking up fabric that my little monsters stole out of my scrap box, dealing with a small chihuahua who is barking as I am sweeping the floor, my mom decides she cannot find any of her clothes.  I ask her what are you looking for? What do you want to wear today? I want my pants like yours (I am wearing black yoga pants) Mom they are in your basket in your room, so I go get them.  Start back with my chores and she says will you fix my hair like yours? (Mine is tossed up in a ponytail) So I stop again and fix her hair for her.  I turn around and she says am I as pretty as you are now?  Oh Mama you are much prettier I tell her!  Funny how when you are so busy trying to get stuff done something so simple can stop you in your tracks.  Yes, this is what I am supposed to be doing........ (Now if I can just find where she put her glasses......)

I was also out in the garage changing out my laundry and noticed the little squirrel that has been around for the past few days, I quietly came in and grabbed my camera to take a few pictures.  As you can see he is just like me busy about his business but I was able to get a couple of shots. What an awesome sight for me!

You just never know what is around each corner of the day, it may just be something that will stop you in your tracks and make you thankful for all that you have! 

Marsha Bourquin/Head Hag- Bags By Hags

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