Thursday, November 24, 2011

Trying to figure it all out!

This is my first blog post!  Here we go!!!
  Back in July of this year I decided to embark on a mission and teach myself how to sew and make a tote bag.  I have to admit the first one was a bit hideous but I kept on plugging and soon Bags By Hags was born.
Soon I signed up for a couple of the local craft fairs and I am on my way!
 Next step was opening up my own shop on Etsy, now comes the part of marketing all my items and getting traffic to my shop.  There is so much out there- Do this, Don't do that, you need this app, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Purchase Ad space- AHHHHH I think it was easier learning how to sew the stuff than it is to market and sell it!
 Well God willing and the creek don't rise I will get it all figured out!!!!

Marsha Bourquin- Head Hag
Bags By Hags

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  1. Hi Marsha, I just love your story... sure have come a long way.. super stoked for you... I for one have enjoyed the new adventure we both have embarked on... with Etsy etc... Here's to many more successes!!



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