Monday, May 7, 2012

My Journey has only just begun!

Today is the last day of the Handmade Circle Boot Camp. This is a bittersweet day for me, I am proud of myself for making it through this wonderful experience, but I am also a little sad and nervous now that now it is time for me to step out and continue what I have learned on my own.  I learned so much about how to make me and my shop grow, I also formed a very special bond with the other ladies who were in camp with me that I truly believe will last a lifetime.

The last assignment today was to write about where we think we will be in 1 year and then 5 years from now.  While no one can know all the things the future holds for us, that is up to someone with a whole lot more power than you or I, I can share with you the vision I have for Bags By Hags.

By using the tools and knowledge that I have learned over these last 20 days I believe in 1 year my business will be stronger, growing, and moving forward with great products.  I see myself learning new skills to enhance my products and having great relationships with my customers. I also see myself building my website up and directing my customers to that website where I am in total charge of how it looks and operates.

Within 5 years my dream is to have a brick and mortar store.  I want a small shop that carries unique and of course Handmade items that my customers will love!  I never want to waiver from my roots of handmade, I don't want to be a store where items are mass produced, that is not what my dream is.  I dream of Bags By Hags being big enough that the name is known, but small enough that each customer gets the one on one service they so deserve.

I know that life throws us curve balls at times, that is just life, and though sometimes we have to adjust our plans to those curve balls we don't have to give up on our dreams because of it.  If God brings me to it, he will bring me through it.  I FIRMLY believe that!

Words cannot express how much Debbie Nowicki has helped me with this Boot Camp.  She is truly a wise, kind, and great woman with a vision that I have no doubt she will see come true.

To the other campers - Erin, Lulu, Michelle, and Red.  May all your dreams come true and I look forward to sharing our journeys down the path to our success!
Remember:  Reputation is what people think you are.  Character is what people know you are! 

Marsha Bourquin/Head Hag- Bags By Hags


  1. Beautiful Marsha! And I know we are all going to succeed and make our dreams come true!

  2. awww I ♥ you marsha! I know you'll do awesome and your business will just continue to GROW!

  3. I think all of your futures are so bright you'll have to wear shades! best gals ever :)

  4. Beautiful post Marsha! Thank you for being an important part of Boot all will climb the highest mountains and nothing can stand in your way!

    I learned so much from you all and am highly appreciative!
    Thank you!


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