Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Climbing The Mountain!

I know at some time in all our lives someone has told us "You Can't Do That"!  Depending on the situation in which it was told to you that may be correct.  But not when it comes to your dream, your vision, your plan. 
Of course there are rules and laws in life that we must all follow.  But when it comes to following my dream, my vision, and my plan "Can't" is a dirty 4 letter word!  My dreams are just like my prayers they are between me and God and I have great faith that he will lead me down the path I need to be on.

Sometimes we are own worse enemy though, we start building our dream, it starts small and we are comfortable with that, then when it comes time to take the next step we hesitate and say no I think I will stay here its familiar, its easy, and its comfortable.  You have just settled into Zoar, where its small and nothing ever grows.  If someone came before you and said you can have everything you dream of by climbing that mountain, it will be hard, it will be a struggle, but if you believe, have faith, and take one step at a time you will reach the top and have it all.  Or you can stay here and keep everything you already have.  Which would you choose?  

I am very thankful for how far my shop has come over the past year. But I am not settling in Zoar, I am climbing the mountain! I have faith, I believe, and I have all the gear I need to climb my mountain! 

I hope you never give up on your dream, whatever it may be. How sad and depressing our life would be if we didn't have our dreams!  Live Your Dream!!!!


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