Thursday, July 26, 2012

Laughter is Good for the Soul......

Trying to build a successful business is a serious matter, it's hard work and we are all just trying our hardest to be a success.  Handmade Circle Team has been working very hard on our Christmas In July sale, but I find it very important that we should all take the time to enjoy some laughter each day. 

This month we have held a weekly trivia contest, with the winner being the featured artist on our FA-LA-LA Friday Blog.  Today as I was checking the answers to announce our winner later this afternoon, I got the best laugh I have had all week.  I am going to share and hope you get a good chuckle as well!

Kathy Porter Koontz of Flowertown Originals gave the following answers: 

  1. St. Nick's nose is often compared to what fruit? -  a tomato...wait, is that a fruit or a vegetable?
  2. Catch me if you can" was said by whom? - Bigfoot
  3. In "Jingle Bell Rock" everyone is dancing and prancing, where do they do it? - trick question, those are 2 of Santa's reindeer
  4. There are 365 days in a year, what number is Christmas Day? - Christmas is #1
  5. Who said, "God Bless Us, Every One"?  - I think I've said someting like that once, in a certain tone of voice.

One thing I love the most about being part of the Handmade Circle Team is the laughter we all share in our group.  

But Kathy is serious when it comes to her creating and her shop! She has some great items! One of my favorite is this Polymer Clay Ring . Right now you can save 15% in her shop with Coupon HMCJULY

Check out all the great shops participating in Christmas In July, you won't find Bigfoot but you will find some great items at a great price!
Also enter our Christmas In July Giveaway, No Purchase Necessary, awesome prizes!

I hope you have a wonderful and creative day, most of all I hope you enjoy a little laughter it is Good for the Soul!

Marsha Bourquin/Head Hag- Bags By Hags  



  1. Lovely promotion, Marsha - and Kathy's shop is well-deserving of it! I love the items I have purchased from her and I always get compliments on them when I wear them. Plus - she is so witty and always makes me laugh!!

  2. Her items are so beautiful, and her answers gave me such a much needed laugh! It was only fitting that she receive a little shout out today!

  3. Very nice :) Kathy cracks me up LOL

  4. Thank you Marsha! For once I knew all of the correct answers to the trivia questions but Karalee answered first. So I had to have a little fun with it! I'm glad it made you laugh!

  5. Loved it Marsha! Another wonderful post!


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