Friday, March 30, 2012

It Started With A Handkerchief.....

A very good friend of mine recently gave me some great stuff, she brought me several bags and one tub full of fabric, notions, and all kinds of neat items.  I was in heaven for about 3 days going through it all and deciding what I was going to make with it.  In one of the bags was several vintage scarves and handkerchiefs.  One of them a western one.  I LOVE anything western, my whole house is decorated in it, I am all about John Wayne, and am pretty much a boots, jeans, and ponytail in a cap kind of girl. (Okay woman but we won't go there!) Anyways I fell in love with this handkerchief, I tucked in my fabric cabinet and said I am going to make something special with that.  So late Wednesday evening I pulled it out and started designing and decided I wanted to make a Tote Bag using this handkerchief. I sat down and designed my whole bag and here is what I came up with:
First had to have my sewing partner- Miss Kitty - Don't worry she is not allowed to roll around on fabric I use, that is her pile of scraps that I have given her.....

Here is the handkerchief, (I just Love it!) of course it would be way too thin to use as the front of the tote bag alone, so I sewed it to some red bandana cotton fabric.
Added some fringe, because I thought it really enhanced the bag.
I made the back out of the same red bandana fabric. (This is a pic of the finished product)
I then took a piece of black cotton fabric and more red bandana fabric  and created a pocket with 3 divided slots for holding your glasses, money, phone, etc.  I then sewed this to another piece of red bandana fabric and placed it inside of the bag for the lining. 
 Now its time to trim the top! I used double fold tan hem facing (also in the stash I got from my friend!) I actually ironed it out as you can tell then sewed all around, then folded it down and sewed on the inside.

Added a black webbing handle and ta da we are done!
Here she is with one of my Cowboy statues! And now she is listed on Etsy and ready for her new home!
I hope you enjoyed the story of the Vintage Western Handkerchief, and now it is time to ride off into the sunset and create more things.  I still have a couple of handkerchiefs left!!!!!

Marsha Bourquin/Head Hag-Bags By Hags

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