Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do You Ever Feel Stumped?

As a person who sews, I can usually look at any particular fabric I have on hand and think oh I see a Beach Bag out of that piece or an apron out of this one.  Well the last couple of days I have found myself stumped.  I look at something and just go hmmmmm instead of Ah ha! It can be very frustrating for those of us that create and sell on Etsy, always trying to come up with the next greatest item.

I have decided that when I have days like that it is best to just walk away from my workshop area and focus on something else as whatever I made I wouldn't be satisfied with anyway!  Taking a much needed break can sometimes be all we need.  Here's to hoping my mojo returns soon!  I did crank out this little bag today, although I cannot take credit for the fabric choice, my daughter put this one together and it actually turned out really cool in my opinion!

Marsha Bourquin Head Hag/Bags By Hags

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