Friday, March 23, 2012

My Love for Aprons.....

I love to sew aprons, I love making bright combinations, putting on pockets, and even adding a lacy, frilly trim.

 I believe my love for aprons comes from my Grandmother.  I believe the only time my Grandmother didn't have her apron on was when she was at Church!  She had one that she wore as everyday around the house, she had one she would put on when she went outside, and then there were her special ones for wearing at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Aprons take me back to a wonderful time in my childhood, spending days with my Grandmother, I remember standing on a chair and helping her wash dishes, getting to lick the spoon from the cake batter, and climbing in her lap as she scraped an apple for me.  She always had whatever tool she needed in the pocket of her apron!
And this is why I think I love to sew aprons, every time I finish one I can almost smell my Grandmother's perfume!

Here are a couple of my aprons, Memaw I hope you would be proud!

Marsha Bourquin/Bags By Hags

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