Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How Do I Love Thee????

Handmade How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways! 

♥ I Love the way Lucary really gives a hoot about their customers. 

♥ I Love that Star Jewels  will work till they are blue in the face to meet your expectations.

♥ I Love that Mama Made Prints and Knits can "Bee" so helpful with your next Baby Shower.

♥ I Love that Artisticsoul Designs knows the language of Love:

♥ I Love that Whispering Metalworks has Class:

♥ I Love that MiSha Me Designs  is going green!

♥ I Love that Boho M is "knot' afraid of red!

♥ I Love that Toppy Toppy Knits make gloves fun!

♥ I Love that Cutterstone knows romance!

♥ I Love Artistic Funk can dress up boots!

♥ I Love camermaidjewelry knows your sign:

♥ I Love Terri Jean's Adornments has Compassion

♥ I Love The Prismatic Peacock  can Jamaica Me Crazy:

♥ I Love Take Two Baby Quilts can help keep your bundle of joy warm:

♥ I Love Margalita Mosaic Art can "coast" your home in style:

♥ I Love Sassy Girl Headbands believes in "No Slip" 

♥ I Love Gaga Gems believes in putting all her eggs in one bracelet! 

♥ I Love Gypsy That I Was  goes to infinity and beyond!

♥ I Love Hannah Mia believes in the colors of the rainbow!

And finally:
 ♥ I Love being the Head Hag of Bags By Hags and helping you make the perfect potato!

Discover Handmade, it's a Love that will last a Lifetime!♥♥♥♥


  1. You are so creative! Thank you very much for taking the time to include us in this fun and heartfelt blog :)

  2. SO Much fun and you ARE so so so creative Marsha! great great post, and thank you for including me <3

  3. Thank you Marsha! I appreciate being included in your blog. Very nice of you and I certainly hope you don't feel bad because everyone was sick! Your family comes first!!!

  4. Love it Marsha! Thank you so much for being our fearless and faithful leader!

  5. Love it Marsha!! And Love you more!!! Thank you for including me!!!

  6. Wow -- what a loving and awesome post!! Many thanks, Marsha, for all you do for our Team!


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