Monday, January 21, 2013

We All Have Dreams

Everyone has dreams, as children we dream of being Doctors, Lawyers, Firefighters, or Teachers.  As we grow older many of us dream for owning a home, becoming financially stable, and some of us dream of being  famous.

All of the Handmade Artists at Handmade Circle Team have dreams as well, I am excited to share with everyone the hopes and dreams of Handmade Circle:

Holly's Homemade Goodies will dream big this year....I hope to continue to have a successful small business. I would like to increase my inventory so I may sell at craft fairs in the near future. I am currently working on new quilt patterns so I may offer my customer's more of a variety in styles of quilts to chose from. I would also like to double my sales from last year.

Whispering Metalworks has a dream. And we hope that someday this dream will become reality. Our goal...hopefully fairly short to continue to grow our business enough that my over the road truck driving husband can quit his job and focus on the business. He works so very hard, and it takes a huge toll on both he and our family. He and I are absolutely partners in our business... maybe short term he would leave his trucking job and work part time at the business and part time at a local driving job. But ultimately we hope to have our business expand into a store front and have it fully sustain our family expenses!

Camermaid Jewelry - My personal dream is that my little Etsy shop will continue to grow and prosper to the extent that it provides my family with a real income! I hope that sustainable practices such as buying local and handmade continues to grow and folks look for more quality, opposed to quantity.

Star Jewels - My dream is to continue growing my business and sales revenue quickly. I plan to at least double and hopefully triple my revenue from last year in 2013. I have a plan, I know exactly how to make it happen, and I am confident it will!

Baby Girl's Creations - My dream is to continue creating and succeed so that this will become my full time job.

Artisticsoul Designs - My dream for 2013 is to keep growing and moving my business forward. Create and cultivate relationships online and in person that support my shop and product lines. I have a lot of irons in the fire and I hope to see them develop throughout this year.

Twiggy & Opal - My dream is for my daughter to finally find happiness in her personal life and creativity side and for my son to reach for the stars!

Cutterstone Jewelry - My dream is to move out of state, to a place where my husband will be able to fulfill HIS dream to open his own shop! It would be fantastic to work together full-time and feel like a REAL business. Although Etsy does provide more than we expected to receive, we do want to increase our inventory and build a good customer base.

Toppy Toppy Knits - My dream for 2013 is to expand my business, I'm trying to keep it growing, I need a good income.
Besides I hope I can find a real job, (working from home) again.

Gaga Gems - My dream is to become successful enough selling my jewelry so that when I retire I have something to keep me busy and generate a little income. Retirement is a while yet so I have time I just need to stay focused.

The Happy Mushroom - My dream is to find a patch of land in the wilderness (not a lot of that left in the UK!) where we can build a tiny little house from natural materials without having to worry about planning laws (they are ridiculous here) and where we can have peace and freedom to do what we want away from the noisy modern world. A tiny house with a great big studio workshop outside to create beautiful things. With a tiny well insulated house and a little vegetable garden, maybe a few chickens, we wouldn't need much money so we could create just for fun, selling what we wanted without having to worry about productivity.

Doodlebug's Treasures -  My dream is that our business can generate enough income that my hubby doesnt have to work at dead end jobs until we graduate with our bachelors degree in two years.

ifrogcrafts - My original dream was that i could do my creating full time & not have to "work". My wonderful hubby has made that possible. My new dream is to have a craft mall where the rental spaces are reasonably priced, or maybe organize a co-op store in this area.

The Prismatic Peacock - My hope for 2013 is to continue to grow and expand my business. My goal is to obtain at least three new local stores to carry my products, to triple my Etsy sales, and to invest in SEO to increase my online visibility. My dream is that The Prismatic Peacock will take flight and provide my family with a steady income and allow me to continue to nurture my creativity and love of color and fragrance.

Sassy Girl Headbands - My hope for 2013 is for Sassygirl to grow enough to let me drop a day at my "real job" to be home with my girls more. I do love my real job  I would also like to learn more about sewing and be able to make more than just headbands! All a work in progress!

Terri Jean's Adrornments - For my business/shop to be successful. However, my longtime dream has been to go to Egypt!

BMaja - Success for my shop and for me to visit Cuba

And As for me at Bags By Hags - My dream is for a cure for dementia to be found and that my Mother has a good year and enjoys her Golden years.  To enjoy every second possible with my Grandchildren and watch them grow and learn.  For my family to be healthy and prosperous.  For everyone on the Handmade Circle Team to see their dreams come true, and finally for my own little shop to grow and prosper through the year.

What is your Dream?   Whatever it is, Dream big, and NEVER give up on your Dream!

We cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back.” 
― Martin Luther King Jr.I Have a Dream: Writings and Speeches That Changed the World


  1. Very touching! What a wonderful idea to share all of our dreams ... and a reminder to reflect on the importance of this day and the significance of this speech.

  2. This is a very touching blog post <3 Thank you so much, Marsha!

  3. A wonderful blog post! Thank you so much Marsha!

  4. Love this touching post Marsha, thank you!

  5. This a beautiful blog post, Marsha. So touching!!


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