Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Handmade Romance

Will Amy find love again?  Can she discover the joy of Handmade and learn to trust again?  
Handmade Honeymoon is a must read!  The perfect romantic, handmade novel, such a great story you will want to share with all your friends!  

Handmade Circle Team hopes you enjoy our Handmade Romance Story! Let's get started.........

Amy's heart was broken, so she decided she would try and start her life over, she moved to Texas to her Uncle's Ranch. One day she was out exploring the Old Barn and found this great Denim Purse, 

when she opened it up she found, a thousand dollars. "Wow", she said, "I think I need to go to somewhere where the sun is shining. This is gonna pay for my trip!"  So she put on most tropical looking earrings,

  and proceeded to give SERIOUS consideration on what she would need for her trip to meet her ULTIMATE GOAL! A Valentine's date worthy of all her wonderfulness! YES! She thought, something Wrapped In Leather And Wire And Draped In Beautiful Gems ! Just The Ticket! Where Can I Get That? Oh YES, here it is:
I'm gonna buy it for my trip! once she bought it she turned with a frown, what else do I need, how else will I meet my goal!!!???

And she said to herself, "these earrings would look fabulous with my shabby chiffon yellow flower headband". 

She placed the headband on her head and she continued to pull together other items she might need for her trip. She wanted to have a variety of beautiful items for her trip and immediately decided to take a pair of brown Tagua nut chip earrings which could go with any outfit.

 She found the earrings and then realized that if she is going to be on a long trip, she might need a friend and adviser with her, so she took her wise stylish Owl with her too.

 Suddenly she heard a knock on the door. She picked up her coffee with her sock monkey cozy and went to answer it.

 She couldn't believe her eyes when she  saw her high school boy friend standing in the door step with two wine glasses, a picnic basket, and a beautiful peacock quilt.

"What are you doing here?" she asked. She invited him in for a minute where he surprised her with a beautifully wrapped gift. With surprise and delight she opened the gift and found the most beautiful bracelet
 Amy grabbed her gypsy shawl in case she got chilly on the picnic,

and off they went, looking for the perfect spot for a little sunshine.
After their picnic, they take a little stroll...hand in hand of course. As they were walking they heard this beautiful sound...ting ting ting..ting a ling...and they just had to find out what it was. They walked around the corner and there is amazingly beautiful wind chime ... hand crafted from the most unique silver pieces. It's purple beads absolutely sparkled in the sunshine, and they couldn't help but notice that it even had crystals at the top that were throwing rays of color everywhere. They said to each other...who would have thought silverware could sound so beautiful!

But where did they find something like that? So the decided to walk up onto the porch to see if anyone was home and there on the porch her old boyfriend had set up a romantic scene for them to share their meal. The table was so romantic with soft candlelight glowing from an elegant Tuscan Wine scented soy candle.

The house seemed to be empty. They kept walking through until they reached the back door and went out. They could hardly believe their eyes, it was a beautiful garden, full of the most unusual and exquisite blooms they had ever seen, glittering in the sun. Why were they so sparkly? They looked closer and discovered to their amazement the flowers were all made of gemstones! She found one that was actually a necklace, and discovered they were all pieces of jewelry, floral brooches, necklaces and more in this fabulous garden. She placed one around her neck, and said, I can't think of a more lovely spot for our picnic!

The night was getting colder, so she had to go back home and put her knitted set.

After putting on her beautiful knitted set she realized it was getting late and the sun was starting to set. Back when she was dating her old boyfriend they use to love going for long runs. She grabbed her sneakers and her Sassygirl headband,

and they started running off into the sunset, remembering and  discovered they both loved each other, and they both loved Handmade! 

Written By:  Handmade Circle Team


  1. Amazing!!! we can be nominated for the Pulitzer Prizes Marsha!


  2. Turned out to be AWESOME story !!

  3. These are so much fun to create!

  4. This is awesome! Such a fun way to present a wide array of fabulous handmade gifts!

  5. Together we all make a wonderful story making team :)

  6. Great story and lovely handmade gifts!

  7. Very cute, what a bunch of novelists we are!

  8. Great Read... :) Your amazing at this!!

  9. Thank You everyone! This was very fun to do and everyone has such lovely items to add to the story!

  10. How fun!!! Great idea...I user to do something similair with my scouts, I must try this with my team too!

  11. You all sound like you had a great deal of fun putting this together. Brilliant story and your selections are wonderful.


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