Monday, June 25, 2012

Texas Heat, Texas Earthquakes, and a Texas Sized Sale!

Here at Bags By Hags it was a hot, shaky, and busy weekend!

Last year we broke records for the heat we had, it was just miserable so when June started off somewhat cool by Texas standards, I thought oh maybe we are going to have a pretty mild Summer this year.  Well yesterday the 100 degree temperatures returned.  Looks like Summer is sitting in.

My sister's Guinea Bird, cooling off as she waters her yard.  She can walk out into the yard and call here Guinea Bird and here she comes running!

Yesterday morning we experienced a little shake, rattle, and roll!  Earthquake hit very close to our house, we heard a loud boom, then the house started shaking! We all just froze and looked at each other.  It was a 3.4 according to the news. Not a big one, but big enough for us in Texas who are not used to them!  Not sure why we are having them now but for the past couple of weeks they have been hitting close to our home. I was born and raised here, I expect the heat, have been through a couple of tornadoes, but I sure don't know how to deal with these little ground shakers!

I did take some time off yesterday to go down to visit my daughter and 3 grandchildren.
First up is Anna and my Mom. Anna loves her great grandmother!
Then we have Miss Nattie Jo, her and her blanket, she is like Linus!
I was unable to get a good shot of Baby Tanith, but I promise you she is cute as a button, giggling, and growing like a weed. 

My husband then drove me over to my childhood home, we lived here from the time I was about Miss Anna's age until I started 4th grade.  The old place is falling down, I just stood and looked, but in my heart I could hear laughing children, and feel the love that once made this house a home.  My husband took a couple of board from the house. He is going to make me a cross out of the wood, which I think is awesome!

I have also been very busy getting ready for the Handmade Circle Team Christmas in July Sale.  This is going to be a wonderful event!  We have some great things planned including some fun with our Blogs, and I am working on a great raffle!  You don't want to miss this awesome sale.  We have so many great shops signed up.  You can see them all here:

Have a great evening everyone!!

Marsha Bourquin/Head Hag- Bags By Hags


  1. Gotta love visiting the grandkids, that's the best! You're having the kind of weather I love, as long as there are palm trees and a beach nearby :)oh and slushy drinks

  2. The visit with them grandkids was the best!!!! And I would take a slushy drink! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I know about the heat and the earthquakes, so I can relate. I'm so excited about the Christmas in July sale!

  4. Me too Kathy! I really think it is going to be good for us all!


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