Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seam Ripper or Seam?

When it comes to my sewing I still classify myself as a "newbie",  I have come a long way since I first started making my bags and aprons, but I still have a lot to learn, of course my motto is we learn something new everyday!  After all if we didn't we would stop growing and just stagnate.  I have learned though that it's better to laugh at yourself and those horrid creations that you pull off the sewing machine than to get all frustrated, mad, and quit.  Like the day I decided to try and sew a fur cuff on something, oh my goodness it looked like something my 3 year old granddaughter had made!  My daughter who is the artist for all our items started laughing and pretty soon we were both laughing so hard tears were rolling down our cheeks. 

Most days I turn on the radio in my workshop area, sit down at my machine and zip right along but then there are some days that I feel I am one with the seam ripper!  I have also discovered that on days when nothing seems to be going right, or coming out the way I have it pictured in my head its better to turn off the machine, get up and go play with my grandbabies or simply sit down and watch a silly tv show for a little while.  We all have our days where our focus just isn't where it is supposed to be, don't feel well, or get a case of the blahs as I call them.  That fabric will be there tomorrow, while I am totally dedicated to growing my business and making it a success I also realize I have a life to live and sometimes taking a break for a day or two will in the long run will make me a better creator, more focused, and hopefully a better Business Woman.

Here's hoping for the days ahead to be those zip right along types, but if they are not we must all remember:  Sometimes you are the seam ripper and sometimes you are the seam!

Marsha Bourquin-Head Hag
Bags By Hags

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