Thursday, May 23, 2013

It only takes 2 hours..............

I have an idea for a project I want to make, so I begin to search for a pattern, lo and behold I find a great one and it states "It only takes 2 hours to make".  I read through the instructions, "oh this is super simple and I can have this whipped out in no time.  I trek off to the fabric store and find just the right fabric, I just can't wait to get started.
The next morning dawns and I am ready to face the day, I am going to fly through my daily chores, and head off to my sewing room. I am Suzy Homemaker ready to spring into action!

I grab my pattern, start reading how many pieces to cut out, lay out the fabric, ding the dryer goes off, okay fold the clothes real quick then I will come back, now lets see how many pieces of Side A do I need? Shoot forgot I need to thaw something out for supper, at this point I realize I need a few things from the store.  I sit down and make a quick grocery list, give it to my husband (I take care of my Mom who can't be left alone, so he does the grocery shopping) back to my sewing room. Success pattern pinned to the fabric ready to start cutting, phone rings its the husband he can't find the brand of soup I need for the casserole will this other brand work? Yes that is fine.  Back to cutting my pattern, finally have all the pieces cut out, now we are ready to head to the sewing machine!  Phone rings, its the husband the store is out of the main ingredient in the casserole, okay fine just pick up some ham, cheese, bread, and cookies! 
Back to sewing, sit down at the machine and Mom comes to the kitchen she is hungry, okay Mom let me get you some lunch, fix her some lunch, have to sit with her as she eats because she will try to feed her little dog and the dog is diabetic, Mom can't remember that she is on a special diet and cannot have one morsel of anything else.  Mom is done eating, help her back to her room get her in her chair and put the TV on the Western Channel for her. Head back to the sewing room, horn honking the husband is home he needs help unloading the groceries (not sure why, didn't I tell him to just pick up sandwich stuff?) Groceries in and put away. I can get back to my project now.  
Dogs start barking, the Home Health Nurse has arrived for Mom's check, an hour later I am ready to go back to sewing.  I flop down in my chair and finally start sewing, we are just zooming right along then the bobbin runs out, at this point I think I actually pull some of my hair out.  I decide to sit down drink a Diet Coke on ice and just chill for a bit.  
It's now time to start the evening routine, supper, feeding dogs, medication for Mom and her dog, getting Mom ready for bed, cleaning up the kitchen.  8 p.m. I'm too tired to even try to finish my precious project at this point, maybe I will sit down at the computer and check out Pinterest.  
Oh look at this great item and it only takes a couple of hours to make........

Marsha Bourquin/Head Hag- Bags By Hags


  1. I'm tired just reading this... so did you ever get the project done?? :)

  2. It's sitting by my machine half finished. I am going to finish it this afternoon!

  3. ....and that is just a typical day for you! It's a wonder you finish any projects :)

  4. Amazing that something that takes someone else just 2 hours to make can turn into a more-than-one-day project for the rest of us! But that's life, I guess. Sometimes something so simple can take me a week. Go figure!
    PS - Meet & Greet is open, if you'd like to join us and link up your blog. =0)

  5. Ok - so now it's Thursday evening. Is the project done?


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