Friday, April 27, 2012

Pinterest is Addicting!

Hello my name is Marsha and I am addicted to Pinterest!

We all know by now that Pinterest is the hottest ticket in town these days.  I can get lost for hours on that sight, my goodness there is so much neat stuff! Hairstyles, Recipes, DIY items, it is like Disneyland for adults you just can't see it all in one day so you have to make a return trip!

I found some great stuff this week and thought I would share a couple of those items with you.

As a sewer this was a great find for me, I really want one of these!

thread holder tutorial on 'grey luster girl'

You can see the full tutorial here

I also found this and I believe we all need to remember this one from time to time:

We all need this.....

And finally a great recipe for you!  I actually pinned this one a couple of weeks ago, but I did want to share it as I tried these and let me tell you they are REALLY GOOD!
Boil, smash, season, bake.
For the full recipe click here

Keep watching for more of my great finds from my Pinterest addiction!
If you would like to follow me on Pinterest you can find me here:

Until next time:  HAPPY PINNING!


  1. Awesome finds Marsha! Great Job!

  2. I completely agree with you... You can definitely get lost on Pinterest... and wow, right again, some amazing finds on there for sure... Love the Thread Organizer, fantastic idea... thank you for sharing this! ♥

  3. Love the thread organizer! I need one!

  4. My Mom has a thread organizer like that hanging on the wall above her sewing machine. Me Dad made it for her probably 50 years ago and she still uses it!


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