Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Niche In Time......

If you are attempting to build a successful business then you know the importance of finding your "Niche" Market.  If your business was a Mechanic Shop then of course you would market to those who needed work done on their vehicles. But what if you are an eclectic creator?  The definition of eclectic is:  Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.  That definition pretty much sums up Bags By Hags!

While my overall target audience is to women who are interested in unique, handmade items.  I do have other items in my shop that would cater to different types of people. 

Aprons, Pot Holder Handles, Potato Bags - would be a great find for those who enjoy being in the kitchen.

Denim Purses - are all made from up-cycled jeans and would be of great interest to those who want eco friendly products.
Bible Covers - are a great item for the Christian Community.

As my Shop title reads From Fashion Accessories to Home Necessities I have just a little bit of everything. 

While it is a challenge to find your "Niche" in the market, I enjoy being able to offer items that cater to everyone. Come One Come All!   

I did join a new group yesterday:  This group is for all Handmade/Homemade artist to share their items all over.  It is set up where you can place your items into albums and people can just click on your album instead of your post getting lost in the thread.  I hope to learn some new things from other Handmade artist and yesterday I got a request for a special made apron so I am really excited about that. 

Whatever your "Niche" may be, I wish you luck, blessings, and much success!


  1. Wonderful post! And congrats on your special order:)

  2. Fantastic Read... Thanks for the advice and best of luck to you.. May your Journey be long and prosperous!! ♥

  3. How very exciting to find such a group and that is a neat idea with the albums! Great job Marsha!


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