Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Haunted Handmade

     It is a dark and stormy night as she pulls into the parking lot of the Big Box Store.  She makes a mad dash running through the driving rain toward the front doors as she had to park what seemed like miles away. 
     Once inside the store she noticed it was empty, how is this possible? She wondered, the parking lot is full of cars!  She begins to walk through the store, her voice echoing through the empty aisles as she calls out, "Hello-hello is anyone here"?  She felt a burst of cold air and hears a "SWOOSH".  She quickly turns around but nothing or no one is there.  She says "I'm getting out of here" and quickly heads for the front doors. Just as she is about to make her escape she hears a "click" and the doors are locked.  Suddenly a figure dressed all in black appears, she gasps, "it's a witch'! 
     The witch cackles and says "comes closer my dear".  She is so frightened and thinks of turning and trying to run the other way when the witch tells her, "I want to show you a better way".  Slowly she steps toward the witch.  She sees the witch is holding a crystal ball.  The witch again says "come closer and see the better way".  
     The witch asks her "What is it that made you come to this store today"?  She stammers" I have a list".  "Read it to me dear" says the witch. She begins to to read off her list, jewelry items, baby gifts, handbags, a unique and different gift, fabric, and hair accessories. After she reads her list the witch says, "Look here dear" and to her amazement these wonderful items appeared in the crystal ball. 

Embellish By Andrea

Gaga Gems

Take Two Baby Quilts

Made for Jake

Baby Girl's Creations

La Petite Maison Bijoux

Bags By Hags

Abundant Earth Works 

Shoppe by Lola


MISha Me Designs

She is amazed at all the items, she asks, "what aisle do I find these wonderful items on"?  The witch tells her. "Oh no dear you can never find these items a "Box Store", these are items by Handmade Artists.  You must return to your home and use your own modern crystal ball and order them from their Etsy Shops.
     With a boom of thunder and a flash of light the witch disappeared.  She heard the click of the doors as they opened and she noticed the store was now back to normal and filled with people.  "I must have been dreaming" when she hears a faint whisper: "Remember, you can never find great items like these here".  She walked out the doors and the the sun was shining as she stepped into a new world, the wonderful world of Handmade. 

 Marsha Bourquin/Head Hag- Bags By Hags


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